Saturday, December 4, 2021

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“Fishwaale”- India’s first electronic fish market app launched in Assam

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Fishwaale, India’s first electronic fish market, has been launched in Assam. 

The app was launched by Minimal Suklabaidya, Minister of Fisheries, Environment, Forests, and Excise. The app, developed by Aqua Blue Global Aquaculture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Suklabaidya in the Fisheries Division, will help buyers and sellers order and sell fish online, according to the launch.

He was enthusiastic about how it would assist the aquaculture community get fair rates for their products and eliminate the need for middlemen.

First initiative


Fish had never been granted property approval by governments other than the Modi government, according to Suklabaidya, who spoke through the Pradhan Mantri Matysa Sampada Yojana.

Selling and buying of fish as well as fish products through the app

Not only can you sell and buy fish through the app, but you can also offer high-quality fish seeds and fish feed. The app will also include aquaculture equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Aquarium tanks, aquarium fish, and aquarium equipment can all be ordered online. Frozen freshwater and seawater fish (ice boxes) are also available in combination with dried sachets, raw dried fish, pickles, and processed fish.

Table-sized fish such as Bangon, Milligal, and Rohu, as well as frozen freshwater and seawater fish (ice boxes).

What is Pradhan Mantri Matysa Sampada Yojana?

The Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) aims to close critical gaps in fish production and productivity, quality, technology, post-harvest infrastructure and management, value chain modernization, and strengthening, traceability, establishing a strong fisheries management framework, and fisher welfare.

The PMMSY is a multi-component system that includes (a) the Central Sector Scheme (CS) and (b) the Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CS) (CSS).

Under the following three major headings, the Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) Component is further divided into non-beneficiary focused and beneficiary oriented subcomponents/activities like infrastructure for increased production and productivity, as well as post-harvest management and regulatory framework for fisheries management

The Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada has been approved for a total investment of Rs. 20,050 crores, with the Central part of Rs. 9407 crores, the State portion of Rs. 4880 crores, and the Beneficiaries contribution of Rs. 5763 crores.

PMMSY will be implemented for 5 (five) years, from FY 2020-21 to FY 2024-25, in all States and Union Territories.


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