An unmanned electric flying race car has taken flight for the first time in Australia. The four-meter multi-copter named Alauda Airspeeder Mk3 is scheduled to be a part of a remotely maneuvered race at the later end of the year. The test flight of the unmanned vehicle was taken in the South Australian desert, with approval from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

With Airspeeder MK3 being termed as the first-ever electric flying race car, the founder of the firm, Alauda Aeronautics, that built the multicopter, Matthew Pearson, stated that the vehicle will race alongside up to 10 such aircraft in the race of Formula-one style that is going to take place in the later months of 2021. Three such races will be held in 2021 with the locations yet to be announced. Pearson further stated that depending on the terrain, the vehicle can reach up speeds of 150-200 km per hour.

Makers claim, being appropriately adapted for an air race through its aerodynamic design, the MK3 might be the fastest compared to other flying drones or flying taxis that are out there on the market.

Picture courtesy: The Guardian


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