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“This job man, this job”, said frustrated BBC correspondent Dan Johnson on live TV; video shared

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A BBC correspondent named Dan Johnson was caught on live TV showing his frustration. Sources said he thought that the connection in the newsroom was gone midway. That was an amusing moment for the ones who witnessed that.

Dan Johnson’s video on Twitter

The correspondent Dan Johnson has himself posted a video where he was seen talking about what happened in Afghanistan from his hotel in Delhi. He also talks about why the Taliban were late in announcing their government when he thought that he had lost the connection. What he didn’t know was that he was still live on TV while he wasn’t able to hear the anchor in the newsroom of London.

“This job man, this job!”

Watch the video here:

Johnson assumed the live interview was over after waiting for a few seconds and was caught on TV while venting his frustrations, “This job man, this job!” 

The caption in Johnson’s post on Twitter said: “A good reminder – ALWAYS assume you are life on air, whatever goes wrong!”

Anchor Apologizes

After being confused for a while, the anchor told the audience, “I think Dan didn’t hear my question. I don’t think he was upset, I think he had lost the line, so apologies for that.”

The anchor said, “Power cut broke the line from London so I couldn’t hear the presenter. Thought I’d been taken off the air entirely but finished my answer and waited in case, either to allow them to realize and move on or for the sound to return. Though I’d waited long enough…apparently not.” while explaining the accident.

A job with many challenges, says the anchor


Johnson said, “I was filming with my iPhone, balancing on some cushions in front of the window having only just managed to get in the hotel room and make the connection in time after being locked out by a dodgy room card. As I said, a job with many challenges but always a privilege.” while talking about him managing to connect with London from his hotel room.

Netizens amazed

Netizens found his comment amazing and couldn’t help but giggle. Some even said that the situation could’ve been worse.

Dan managed to shoot the video after balancing his phone on a pile of cushions.  “A job with many challenges but always a privilege”, said Dan.

More than a lakh views in the video

More than a lakh people have viewed the video. Sangita Myska, presenter at BBC Radio 4, Reacting to Dan’s video said, “Your words at the end two-way speak for many a correspondent!” Shiv Ramdas, a popular storyteller, and podcaster appreciated Dan for not moving his head even an inch “to keep the reflection away from the camera.

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