Brazil was heartbroken after losing 1-0 in the Copa America final on Sunday. After the game, there were a number of memorable moments, including Argentina players lifting Lionel Messi on their shoulders and Messi finally holding a major international trophy for the first time in his career.

The cameras went to Argentina shortly after the final whistle rang, where they basked in the ecstasy of capturing their first Copa America title since 1993. However, the sight of Brazil star Neymar crying and Messi coming over to console him with a strong hug will be hard to forget. Brazil, on the other hand, was devastated, and Neymar, who was on his knees and weeping heavily, epitomised the mood.

Neymar’s teammates, manager, and support staff consoled him, but the biggest and most heartfelt gesture of the night came from Messi himself, who came around and held Neymar firmly as he attempted to compose his emotions.


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