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Get close with the Not-Funny band from Northeast India

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What’s the last song you have to listen to from a boy band? Let’s not talk about one direction, the vamps or five seconds of summer, or the pop sensation BTS.

Let me take you to the beautiful part of India, the Northeast. Here’s the city of Manipur, Ukhrul gives birth to the sensation of the music industry of the region, the band name Not- Funny, four musically talented, magically crafted, and rigidly handsome guys are becoming one of the major proud for not only Manipur but also for the nation.

The NOT – FUNNY Band

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The band Not Funny consists of these young boys name Wungramthing Shimray – Vocalist, Soringthing Raihing – Lead Guitarist, Kachuimi Luithui – Bassist, Sp Wotsa- drummer. These four boys consisting of the boyband, not funny found in 2019 with their first song dance with me, which hit 81 k viewers in a short period.

Let’s meet the members.

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The band is rising their standard high on the music industry following the indie pop-rock genre, although they have down to all the genre to create music.

Let me take you back to the beginning, at first they are not together but with music they were.
The boys were with different bands before coming as a Not- funny to rock the music industry. As they told their interview, “Somehow over the time we bumped into each other occasionally and we started talking. Realizing the common interest that we had for music, bringing up topics relating to it kept us hooked to each other and come together.”

Yes, we are also lucky that this band formed and in a very short period they have able to mark themselves in the road of music along with keeping up with their personal lives, yes the boys are still in still college. Only Wungramthing Shimray has completed his graduation recently and the other three still have to complete their education. According to them, it’s kind of difficult to continue all together but they always hard work to keep it up with studies and beloved music, because education is important too, isn’t it!!

“However, we can proudly say that we are very dedicated to our work as we are certainly looking forward to growing in the Music Industry. Besides attending college and working on our songs, we also take time out for street busking. Additionally, we give private Music Tuitions to financially support ourselves. ” the band said in their interview with the Northeastern Chronicle.

Cheers to mutual music interests and friendship.

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Unfamiliar feelings, one of the creations of Not – funny, well behind the creation of this song they have a story. The song is a result of a random evening and some jamming and chilling session of the boys. After coming out as a band, the boys decided to live together to give more focus and time to their music. The song comes out all of a sudden and as expected it was another successful creation of the band. This song represents the first love and also the band’s first love song. Also, the band has mentioned that they also want to work in Hindi to reach the expectations of their fans around the world. They are very much lucky that they have a loyal and strong fanbase who are supporting them from the beginning and wishing them the very best to reach all the love, reputation, and recognition.

Despite their struggles to be honored and practicing music from a small place like Ukhrul is always been a part of their challenge. Drawbacks like lack of advertising and marketing opportunities are impacting them with publicity and getting noticed. As a result, brand-building remains one of the biggest challenges.

They have a long way to go to spread their music in different parts of the country and is recognized by the people and to promote their music. Despite so many challenges, These guys are very much enthusiastic and positive about their career in music and the potential and craze for music and its creation. Including their supportive fans, they have a backbone in support to them as every band member’s family is proud of them and continue supporting them to come over all again

Article by Dimpal Pathak, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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