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Ghost of Baba Harbhajan Singh, Hero of Nathula Pass that guards the Nation’s Border

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Most of the time, we can encounter how faith wins over facts. In many instances, we can see many people claiming how they are able to see or feel the presence of some people even after their death. Many believe in this however some of them don’t. However, people stand divided in their belief in this regard.

Well, a similar instance could be seen happening in Sikkim, where the Indian soldiers believe that the immortal soul of Captain Harbhajan Singh plays a very important role in guarding the national border with great bravery even after his death. He is paid a great amount of respect as well as tribute by both the armies of India and China. He is known by the nickname ‘Baba’ among the armies of both the countries.

Immortal Baba continues to guard the border

Baba Harbhajan Singh

Baba Harbhajan Singh, died in the year 1968 on his duty in Sikkim. He is claimed to be actively present on duty at the Nathula border between India and China in East Sikkim, although he died many years ago.

Captain Harbhajan Singh was born in the year 1941 in Punjab. He is said to have died at the age of 27 at Nathula. He is being worshipped by the armies of both sides as it is believed that his immortal soul continues to serve the nation even after his death.

His presence even after his death, felt by Indian and Chinese Soldiers

He is regarded to be an important gem of the Indian army even after his death. He is believed to have come in the dreams of many soldiers, warning them about the incoming dangers about three days prior. It is still believed that he is guarding the borders.

According to the belief of many people, the Army is on “high alert” when Baba is on leave. Also during the various occasions like that of the customary flag meetings, held between the Indian and Chinese armies, a chair is being set aside for him as a means of respect and tribute.

Various Sign of Baba’s Presence

Everyone might not believe this as reality and some people may even claim it to be a part of blind faith but all those Indian armies, who have felt Baba’s presence have claimed to have found crumpled bed sheets and muddy shoes in the room, assigned to him.

Cleaners are ordered to clean Singh’s room during the morning of every month. He is even paid the salary for a Major’s post. In addition to these, he is provided leave for a period of two months, every year when he is accompanied by a team of soldiers for a journey to his hometown.

As a part of honour, A separate berth in the train is specially reserved in his name and is left empty at the time of the entire journey on 11 September of almost every year. His belongings are sent back to his hometown by the train that departs from New Jalpaiguri station

A Temple dedicated to the immortal soul of Baba Harbhajan Singh

Temple for Baba Harbhajan Singh Baba The North-Eastern Chronicle

Popularly known as the hero of Nathula, a temple has been dedicated to him, comprising three rooms, his office, a store room and living room. All the basic items of his need have been neatly kept, starting from his bed, shoes, slippers, water bottle, ironed uniform, and other basic things.

The Nathula Pass present on the Indo-China border in Sikkim is a strategically important location for the Indian Army. The location is generally blocked by snow during the winters. It is one of the four Border Personnel Meeting points for the Indian and Chinese armies.

Late Sepoy Harbhajan Singh (Baba) is believed to guard this Pass even after his death. He was born in a village in Kapurthala District and was enrolled into the Punjab Regiment. He died on October 4 while escorting a mule column from Tuku La to Dongchui La.

How did he die?

He died in an incident, where he slipped and fell in a ‘nullah’ as the swift water current carried his body two kilometers downstream. People found his body three days later and he was cremated with full military honours. He is claimed to have appeared in the dreams of the soldiers, asking them to build a ‘Shrine’ for him.

Belief of the people on Baba’s Shrine

Many people believe that if the water kept at the Baba Harbhajan Singh’s shrine is given to drink to the people suffering from various ailments then it has the magic to cure them.

The units of the Indian Army seek for Baba’s blessing with various plates dedicated to him that line the walls of the shrine. He was even promoted to the post of an Honorary Captain and a paycheck was sent to his family till the stage of his retirement.

Short film made on him

Bhuvan Bam film on Baba Harbhajan Singh Baba The North-Eastern Chronicle

Famous youtuber, Bhuvan Bam, in the year 2018 made a short film, titled ‘Plus Minus’ that depicted about Singh’s life.

These kinds of incidents where mysticism meets reality, never fails to amaze us and even succeeds in swelling our chests with pride, while thinking about the bravery of our Army brothers.

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