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Girl from Jamshedpur sells 12 mangoes for Rs 1.2 lakhs; buys smartphone to study online

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It’s indeed the season of mangoes, but in a shocking incident, an eleven-year-old from Jamshedpur, Tulsi Kumari, sold 12 mangoes for Rs 1,20,000. She could not believe that an “uncle” from Mumbai bought 12 mangoes from her, paying Rs 10,000 each.

The “uncle” is none other than the managing director of Valuable Edutainment Pvt Ltd, Ameya Hete. Mr. Hete deposited Rs. 1,20,000 to Srimal Kumar’s account, father of Tulsi Kumari, on Wednesday.

Hete had heard about the struggle Tulsi faced to support the family. She sold mangoes by the roadside and wanted to save money to buy a smartphone to study online.

“She didn’t blame her fate or asked for alms. This is why I said we have bought her mangoes and not done any charity work. This is to not just to encourage her and acknowledge the dignity in work, but also to encourage others not to give up fighting,” said Hete.

Hete was touched by the girl’s determination to face financial difficulties and decided to help and encourage her and several others like her to continue fighting despite all odds.

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