Thursday, December 2, 2021

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’Go to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, petrol is cheap there’: BJP leader on inflation

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A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader from Madhya Pradesh encouraged journalists to go to Taliban-managed Afghanistan when they got information about high swelling and skyrocketing petrol costs in the country. 

Ramratan Payal 1 petrol The North-Eastern Chronicle

The district unit chief of the BJP in Katni district, Ramratan Payal, further said questions were being asked about petrol prices at a time when the third wave of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic was about to hit the country.

No social distancing and wearing mask

However, the BJP functionary and his supporters surrounding him were neither maintaining any social distance nor wearing masks, the absolute minimum necessities endorsed by the public authority to battle the spread of the pandemic.

Viral video on social media

In a video that has now circulated around the web via online media, a nearby journalist was seen looking for Payal’s remark on the value rise and petroleum rates when the last mentioned, apparently freaking out, said, “Take it from the Taliban. Petrol is ₹50 (per litre) in Afghanistan, but there’s no one to use it. Go and get your refill from there. At least there is safety here.”

At the point when further goaded over high expansion, Payal said, “A third wave of the coronavirus is likely to hit the country and you are talking about petrol. What crisis the country is going through (can’t you see).”

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Rising fuel prices


The cost of petrol has reached ₹100 a litre, while diesel rates have almost reached ₹90 in many states the nation over. 

The just-concluded Parliament session saw several disruptions, with the Opposition seeking discussions on inflation and rising fuel prices in the country.

Other leaders to advise people to move to Afghanistan if facing any fear in India

Meanwhile, Payal was not the first BJP leader to advise people to move to Afghanistan. 

His party colleague in Bihar, Haribhushan Thakur also asked each and every individual who felt any kind of dread in India to go to the conflict-torn state, while adding petrol and diesel costs are less expensive there.

According to an NDTV report, the legislator from Bisfi constituency said the crisis in the neighbouring country where the Taliban have returned to power after 20 years would not have any effect on India.

“It would not have any impact on India but those who feel scared here can go there… petrol and diesel are cheaper. Once there, they will understand the value of India,” he was quoted as saying.

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