Monday, December 6, 2021

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God has already prepared a list for those who will die of Covid-19: Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary sparks controversy

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A clip of Assam’s transport and industries minister Chandra Mohan Patowary’s speech makes rounds on social media where he is seen accusing the World Health Organisation (WHO) for its alleged failure to come up with a medicine to treat Covid-19.

Assam chief minister might have to face embarrassment

Despite Sarma’s hard work with his involvement in being an aid to Covid-19 victims and handling the second wave, he might have just been thrown under the bus out of total embarrassment over Patowary’s speech regarding the effectiveness of the aids during Covid.

The Assam CM was praised by even Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself for his hard work and activeness in handling the second wave of the pandemic.

However, Assam’s transport and industries minister Chandra Mohan Patorwary stirs up controversy by criticising the World Health Organisation in the government programme for its failure to come up with medicines to treat the virus.

Wrong choice of words in the wrong location

On Wednesday, at a programme, Patowary says that God has already prepared a list of people who will die of Covid-19 in God’s “supercomputer”.

Ironically, this controversial clip is on social media, and it took place in an assistance programme where widows, whose husbands had died of Covid were given financial support by the state government at the Kamrup deputy commissioner.

Patowary’s criticism regarding the efficacy of WHO and healthcare


Despite his critical ways, Patowary believes in the need for vaccination and is a supporter of the vaccination drive although he is critical of its efficacy.

In his controversial speech, he questions the WHO and their role in research as millions of dollars worth of research has been put into them. He states his disappointment in the organisation over its “failure” to provide relief from Covid.

Not only WHO, but he also blames healthcare workers especially government doctors for devoting more time to private practice rather than to people. 

Patowary’s superstitious take on the pandemic

According to Patowary, Covid is a curse of nature that has been brought upon by humanity. He says that nature has given us everything but we’re continuing to harm nature, thus, Covid has been sent to crush the ego of human beings. While at the same time inserting those who slept on pavements got infected.

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