Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Golden Tiger spotted at Kaziranga National Park; Not good news but matter of concern

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Due to the increasing human activities, it has lead to a large amount of pollution as well as is also the reason for the destruction of wildlife and other beings found on the earth.

An issue of concern for India’s tiger census

It is a moment of joy and pride that India’s Tiger Census recently got a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Apart from this, a rare golden tiger has been in the Kaziranga National Park.

An unique picture depicting a destructive change

According to the photographer who took the photo of the golden tiger, this is the only documentation of the golden tiger in the present century.

The real fact behind the glittery veil

But after Kaziranga National Park’s Research Officer Rabindra Sharma put forward the real facts, the matter became somewhat serious.

He stated that the sighting of the golden tiger is a matter of serious concern as excessive inbreeding can be the real reason behind its unique color.

Reason behind interbreeding of the tigers

Tigers shift to inbreeding when their population is almost solitary without any connectivity to other landscapes, thereby causing the loss of their habitat. The moment of joy and pride has taken a different turn to a certain extent.

We are ought to take more careful steps for the sake of mother nature

Due to the ever-increasing human activities, like cutting down of trees for the satisfaction of material needs of humans have led to this kind of destructive situation.

We as intellectual beings, need to think smart and intellectually to protect our earth as well as the fellow beings living in it. If we think smart then only we can protect our earth.

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