Good news! Movies to be back in action on Independence weekend with cinema hall reopening in Delhi with 50% capacity


Who doesn’t want to go out and chill, especially in the cinema hall with friends and family? But due to the pandemic, normal life has come to a standstill, and everyone is locked inside their house following appropriate Covid protocols.

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Good news for the movie industry

However, in the current times, as slowly and steadily things are again falling in place, and the situation is getting normal, the Delhi government has passed orders to reopen the cinema halls from 26 July 2021, but with 50% seat capacity.


Nevertheless, it’s a sign of great relief, especially for Bollywood, as they can now look forward to a decent Independence Day weekend at the movies.

It has also provided a ray of hope for the neighbouring states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana that have also permitted operations.

Delhi and Maharashtra, however, together make up over 60% of the Hindi box office in the country.

Movies to be back in action

With the commencing of the announcement made, Universal Pictures, producers of the Hollywood action film Fast & Furious 9, have already declared the film will be released in India on 5 August in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

Independence Day weekend could see another Hollywood biggie hit the screens with Akshay Kumar’s spy thriller, Bellbottom, planning to move its date to August from the initial 27 July.


The film is also said to be eyeing a 3D version, which rules out a direct-to-OTT premiere. However, no official announcement is made till now by Bellbottom producers.

Alongside Sony Pictures, titles like Venom, Peter Rabbit 2, and Escape Room 2 are getting ready for a big-screen release.

Is the wait still to be over?

Without question, exhibitors from across the country are waiting for the Maharashtra government to maximize returns for the long-ailing business.

Also, the producers said that they would wait to release their big projects until 100% sitting capacity of the audience is allowed.

But the small budget films will go for release with the 50% seat capacity itself. The producers are just waiting for the correct date and time to make a major comeback on the big screen.


Overall, we have to keep in mind that the pandemic is still not over us and is still haunting us till death for some.

People have suffered enough and have been at a loss, so whatever we do, we must keep in mind the covid protocols and adhere to the government guidelines.

Relaxation has to be given, or else the country will suffer economically, but with the given relaxation comes greater responsibility for the concerned citizen.


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