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Google Doodle pays tribute to Sivaji Ganesan on his 93rd birth anniversary

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On the occasion of 93rd birth anniversary of the legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan, Google today honoured him with a doodle on 1st October.

Sivaji Ganeshan was one of India’s first method actors and widely considered among the nation’s most influential actors of all time.

Doodle created by Bengaluru-based artist; shared by ganeshan’s grandson

he doodle has been created by Bengaluru-based guest artist Noopur Rajesh Choksi.

It was posted on Twitter by Sivaji’s grandson, actor Vikram Prabhu and said, “Thank you to Google India and their guest artist Noopur Rajesh Choksi for the doodle art.” Another reason to be proud! Every year, I love and miss him more.”

From where the doodle artist got the idea?

The doodle artist Choksi told the media that she liked Ganesan’s variety of roles that played on screen and was impressed by his versatility.

She also expressed how much she admired the actor’s on-screen appearance and wished to include classic Indian film typography into her design.

Choksi also said that she wanted to represent and appreciate the eternal nature of Ganesan’s art through her doodle. 

Actor doodle The North-Eastern Chronicle

Life of the legendary actor

In 1928 on this day, Sivaji Ganesan was born as Ganesamoorthy in Villupuram, a town in Tamil Nadu, India. When he was at the age of 7, he left home and joined a theater group, where he used to play child and female roles then gradually played lead roles.

In 1945, Ganesan became a famous name for his role of 17th-century Indian King Shivaji. This regal stage name stuck with him and carried the crown as “Sivaji”.

In 1952, he made his on-screen debut with the film “Parasakthi,”. This is the first film in over 300 films spanning a nearly five-decade cinematic career.

Ganeshan was well known for his expressive voice and diverse performances in Tamil-language cinema, after which he quickly gained international fame. 

His best-known blockbusters include the 1961 film “Pasamalar,” which was a trendsetting film with an emotional family story.

It was considered one of Tamil cinema’s crowning achievements, and Ganesan’s 100th film “Navarthri,” in 1964 where he portrayed a record-breaking, nine different roles.

Ganesan created history as he was the first Indian actor to win Best Actor category at an international film festival for his historical movie “Veerapandiya Kattabomman,” In 1960, it was one of his biggest blockbusters. Even today people remember the dialogues from the film.


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