Summer season means the season of delicious mangoes. Unusually a couple in MP had to hire guards and dogs to protect their mango tree.

When orchardist couple Rani and Sankalp Parihar planted two mango saplings years back, they thought they will grow like other trees in their orchard in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur but by their surprise, found out sapling they had planted unknowingly belonged to Japan’s Miyazaki mangoes. Known as one of the world’s most expensive mangoes.

Miyazaki mangoes which are visibly red in color are sold at exorbitant prices fetching higher rates than even gold and silver jewelry. These mangoes were sold at ₹2.70 lakh per kilogram in the international market last year, according to the Japanese media reports.

Following the discovery the couple has to hire 4 security guards and 6 dogs, around their orchard 24×7 to protect the two trees. As thieves last year broke into their orchard and stole the mangoes after it became locally known that they have started growing this rare fruit. Parihar stated they somehow managed to save the trees. These mangoes are rarely grown in India and is known as Egg of the Sun.


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