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Guwahati City Police warns of action against residents who come out for jogging, cycling during Curfew Hours

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While staying fit and active keeps your mental health better, using that as an excuse to go out during curfew hours sounds rather unreasonable. However, in Guwahati, residents are seen using “staying fit” as an excuse to jog, cycle and walk outside in groups flouting Covid protocols at prime locations like Lachit Ghat and more.

When asked about the same to a group of cyclists, they said, “We are stepping out of our homes maintaining physical distance and following all the Covid protocol. The government protocols say that we should not go out unnecessarily. Physical activities are necessary as they help us remain fit.”

However, it appears that the bicycle mayor of Guwahati, Arshel Akhtar opposes the statement, saying, “People need to understand that they cannot go outside during curfew. The purpose of the curfew is to stay at home and not go out in groups or individually in the name of physical activities. It will not hep anyone but will only create chaos.”

The curfew hours are set from 1 pm-5 am. Following the breaking of the protocols, City Commissioner Munna Prasad Gupta told sources, “Stepping out for cycling or any activity except emergency services is not allowed during curfew hours. If people are found outside, we are warning them. There is a strict direction to take action against the violaters.”

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