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Guwahati: ‘In the lovely court of life,’ says an Assam lawyer in his creative wedding card; Check to know what we are talking about

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Ajay Sarma, a lawyer living in Guwahati, has created a marriage invitation that has the feel of a legal document. The invitation has

People have come up with unusual versions to honour their special day, ranging from potted plants replacing paper cards to cards containing Paytm options. 

The Act and Article of the Indian Constitution that acknowledges the union between two adults are mentioned on the invitation card.

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Bride and groom names inscribed on either side of the scales of justice

“I have noticed most people don’t read the invitation card. They just casually check date and venue and that’s it. So, with a dash of humour, I wanted to make sure my guests read the card till the end,” In an interview with, Sarma stated.

The names of the bride and groom are inscribed on either side of the scales of justice to symbolise equality in their “beautiful court of life” in the card that has gone viral. 

“When attorneys get married, they don’t say ‘YES,’ they say – ‘We accept the terms and conditions,” the groom joked, referring to the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955.

Invitation intended for small group of friends and legal professionals

Sarma explained that the viral invitation was only for a small group of friends and legal professionals, and that there was a separate batch of cards for relatives and others.

“Actually, I mentioned all the law and article knowing it would be understood and appreciated by people like judges and district magistrate, for whom this card was designed. I was sure it would bring a smile on their faces,”

He revealed this over the phone.

The Act and Article of the Indian Constitution that recognises the union of two adults are also mentioned on the wedding invitation.

“The right to marry is a component of Right To Life under Article 21 of the Indian constitution. So, it is time for me to use this Fundamental Right on Sunday 28th November 2021,” read the card.

Future wife and family delightedly surprised

When asked what his future wife and family thought of the unusual invitation, he stated they were as surprised as he was.

“About three four months back, I had shared with my fiancé that I will do something extraordinary for the card. But she also got to see it when it was finally ready to be handed out,” stated the High Court lawyer. 

Surprised father receives calls from strangers, marriage to be held on November 28

But it was his father’s receiving a slew of calls from complete strangers that was the most amusing part. 

“My father’s phone kept buzzing as his number was on the card, he got to know about it after it went viral,” he chuckled. “He asked me what this viral invitation was and was impressed with the unique content.”

Despite the fact that he had no idea it would spread across the country, he claimed, “I just wanted to get a few laughs, but it’s nice to see others also appreciating it. It’s an added treat.” 

The pair, who are set to marry on November 28, will hold their reception in Guwahati on December 1.



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