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Guwahati Police issues guidelines for ‘Vijaya Dashami’; Read to know which roads to travel

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As per reports by Time8, the Guwahati Police have imposed the following restrictions on vehicle movement on October 15 and 16 ahead of the ‘Vijaya Dashami‘ (10th day of Durga Puja) celebrations to ensure the safety of the public, particularly vulnerable road users such as children, students, women, senior citizens, and differently-abled persons on the road, as well as the free passage of emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks.

Traffic arrangements at Kachomari Ghat, Fancy Bazar

Restrictions on the movement of vehicles:

All cars traveling from Chandmari to Jalukbari, except idol-carrying vehicles, will be redirected via GNB Road rather than MC Road. TC Point and RBI Point to Pan Bazar through the North Point of the Bridge.

The vehicles will then make a left turn and proceed to AT Road, where they will arrive at their respective destinations.

The idol-carrying cars will go to Pandu through AT Road and DG Road from Bharalumukh and Fatasil.

From GNB Road to KLB Road, no cars other than idol-carrying vehicles are permitted to make a right turn at the District Library point.

All vehicles coming from Jalukbari, Bharalumukh side towards Chandmari, Noonmati, Dispur side shall be regulated at Apollo point on MG Road and diverted via TRP Road, then to HB Road or AT Road.

These vehicles shall proceed either to KLB Road via HB Road (towards Chandmari, Noonmati, and Geetanagar) or to AT Road (towards Dispur and Khanapara).

Uzan Bazar, Kharghuli, and Noonmati vehicles will be restricted and diverted via Tayabullah Road and GNB Road.

From the Apollo point side, TRP and HB roads will be one-way only, and MG Road will be one-way only.

Regulations for movement of Idol carrying vehicles

From Ulubari until TC point, no idol-carrying vehicles are permitted to go on B Baruah Road.

All idol-carrying cars approaching from Chandmari would be stopped at TC Point and diverted via MC, FC, and MG roads.

Idol-carrying vehicles from Tokobari, Paltanbazar, Ulubari, Rehabari, Birubari, Chatribari, Bishnupur, and Lalganesh must use either (a) BK Kakoti Road, Ulubari, GS Road, Paltanbazar, Panbazar road over the bridge, MLN Road, and MG Road, or (b) AK Azad Road, Nepali Mandir,

Idol-carrying cars from Kumarpara, Athgaon, and Fatasil will go to Kaachomarighat via AT Road, TRP Road, Kedar Road, and MG Road.

GS Road Bhangagarh, Rajgarh Road, RG Barooah Road (Zoo Road), MR Dewan Road, Guwahati Club, TC Point, MC Road, FC Road, and MG Road would be used to transport idols from Rajgarh, Bhangagarh, and Christianbasti.

RG Barooah Road (Zoo Road), MR Dewan Road, Guwahati Club, TC Point, MC Road, FC Road, and MG Road would be used to transport idols from Ganeshguri, Dispur, and Kahilipara.

Traffic arrangement at Pandu Ghat

The idol-carrying vehicles from Maligaon, Gotanagar, Jalukbari, and Pandu must travel via Adabari Tiniali- Pandu port road to Pandu Ghat for immersion and then return via Pandu-Sadilapur road.

Guwahati Police
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