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Heartwarming gesture: Langur comes to visit sick elderly woman who used to feed it and hugs her

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The bond between animals and humans is primal, and while extraordinary gestures are few, they are heartwarming. Recently, a video went viral where a grey Langur was seen giving hugs to an older woman, and it left many in tears.

As per the sources, the elderly woman used to feed the monkey regularly but failed to do that after falling sick. When the animal didn’t see her for a few days, it got anxious and visited her house to see her. Hereafter, when the woman gently pats the langur on its back, the animal immediately gets up, sits on top of her, and starts hugging her several times. The langur also tries to run its hands through the woman’s hair. After that, it slowly walks towards the door and leaves the room.

The moment has succeeded in melting the hearts of netizens as it is being shared widely on online platforms. The incident gave a start to a discussion about human-animal relationships. While some said it is expected in temples and tourist spots, others warned that people should not try to pet or go near any wild animals.

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