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Heartwarming! Good samaritans gift motorbike to Zomato delivery executive; Shows acknowledgement for his hard work amidst pandemic

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As the pandemic rages on all over the country, some of the people have been struggling to earn minimum daily wages for whatsoever reasons. And sometimes, such hard workers are acknowledged by some good samaritans that are still present in the society.

One such instance is the story of Mohammed Aqeel, a Zomato delivery executive from Hyderabad who has gifted a bike through crowdfunding on social media. His story went viral when Aqeel out on a delivery job on June 14 for which he had to cycle for nine kilometers in 20 minutes on top of heavy rain. When he was confronted by Rubin Mukesh, the customer Aqeel was delivering to regarding the state he was in, he replied as he could not afford a bike he decided to deliver parcels by bicycle.

Rubin Mukesh, an IT professional then forwarded Aqeel’s story in social media groups so that something could be done to ease his burden as he is also a student of B. Tech and his father is a cobbler. The group members then decided to organize crowdfunding to get Aqeel a bike as a sign of acknowledgment for his dedication to his work. Within a short period, Rs 73,000 was collected against the requirement of Rs 65,000. After that, on June 18, Aqeel was handed over the bike along with a helmet, sanitizer, raincoat, and masks.

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