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Heartwarming Viral video shows man helping duck and its ducklings cross busy street; Netizens are loving it

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A heart-touching video of a man helping a duck and its duckling cross a busy road has gone viral on social media. The video was posted on a Twitter account called hopkinsBRFC21. Many internet users have fallen in love with the 19-second clip.

The man can be seen in the popular video stopping the cars when he notices a duck and its ducklings crossing the street from one side to the other. To give them time to cross, the man turned to traffic police and ended the traffic for some time so the ducks could go across the street with no disturbance.


Users in social media praised the man for his compassion and praised him for his actions

Since the video has been shared on the micro-blogging site, it has garnered several likes and retweets. Users on social media praised the man for his compassion and praised him for his actions.

A user wrote, “What a great man. Humanity still exists. Bless him.”

“Love this! Kindness in action. So important to look after wildlife, what a great man,” another commented.

Video has been viewed 3.2k times and received several reactions on Twitter

A straightforward demonstration of nice thought can contact a huge number of hearts. This has been demonstrated when individuals around the web esteemed a video of a man helping a duck and its ducklings in going across a bustling road. 

This charming video will cause you to accept that this world actually has humble individuals. The 19-second short clasp was shared on Twitter from the record named ‘a page to make you grin’ and turned into a web sensation by getting in excess of 1,000 perspectives.

Other instances of a group of ducks crossing a road

A similar scenario occurred a year ago in New York when a group of people assisted a mother duck and her two ducklings in crossing a busy street.

On July 4, 2020, whatisnewyork shared a short video on Instagram. The group can be seen in the video leading the young ducklings and their mother from one side of the roadway to the other.

Among the group was the person in the clip, who was seen in the front to help the duck and its baby, eventually identified as Katheleen Rice, the Congresswoman of the United States.

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