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Helping hand in times of great distress: Man from Sikkim helps the hungry by feeding free momos every day; know his story

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Various people are trying to go out of their way to help people during this deadly pandemic. One such instance is the story of Zoeb Bhutia from Sikkim who is feeding the hungry with free momos in the state.

Zoeb, the founder of MO Square first started out as a personal ambition to sell authentic momos that were different from the ones selling in the streets. He recalls how he with the help of his business partner Pema and family members started the business that was only limited to home deliveries. Things changed for Zoeb when he saw the number of helpless outside AIIMS on his way to deliver 100 plates of momos to the people stranded outside. He was shook to see the situation of the people who are on the receiving end of pandemic. He then completely changed his course and started on a new journey only to help the destitute. Eventually he even stopped home deliveries to fully concentrate on the charity work.

He stated that the operation only blew up when his old school’s social media page highlighted his efforts. In this endeavour to help the helpless, he is accompanied and supported by his business partner Pema and many others working behind the scene. He also thanks his family members for their support that have helped him go forward in this path.

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