Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Here’s how Social Media helped to save lives with joint effort of Ireland Executive and Delhi cops

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We all talk about social media as a boon or bane? But do we seriously realize the positive impact of social media if used correctly? Yes, definitely if the social media platforms are used effectively it will be beneficial in so many ways. One such positive incidents are the effect of the social networking site Facebook, which helped save the life of a 43-year-old man from suicide who is from west Delhi and he allegedly consumed 40 to 50 bottles of syrup used in the treatment of thyroid in the live stream and uploaded a video in social media portraying the end of his life.

The havoc created by the live video in Social Media

The live video created havoc and an email was circulated to the Delhi police branch at around 2 pm. KPS Malhotra, Deputy Commissioner of Police (CyPAD), received the mail, which sought some serious investigation under emergency circumstances. The shared information helped the team from the Rajouri Garden police station to track down the man at his home around 3.15 p.m in a subconscious state, after which he was taken to the Deen Dayal Upadhyay hospital for treatment and is under proper medication and care.

Building of proper communication is very essential

This is a fact that proper communication and cooperation can save the lives of many. Just as seen in this case. The Ireland-based networking executive as well as the police team has done a very quick and responsible job. This also shows how doing things in time makes things fall in place. This incident is the third such incident where Ireland officials have so well synced and co-operated with Delhi police.

The life story of the 43- year- old man

Upon being questioned by the police officials, the old man revealed the reasons due to which he was bound to do such heinous things. He said that he was having some serious problems and that he was depressed for many reasons. You can in this only see how much important mental health is for a person. If not being talked about can lead to some serious problems and sometimes suicide too.

Further, he also added that his wife has left him three years ago, he lost his job very recently, his father got retired from work and he was facing some health problems as well. And not only did that situation of his life, make him shift places and he shifted to Bhopal. After his statement about his life and loss, it was pretty much evident how much he was suffering in his life. When the old person spoke to his wife wanted to meet her, she refused to.

The big concern is- opening up about problems in life

If being upset can lead to such serious activities by humans, then this is seriously a big concern. Suicide, mental health, and all other problems need to be talked about. If it is kept within oneself can lead to serious pain which may result in such heinous incidents. Every person should be taken seriously for his or her problems in life. There should always be someone who is there to talk to and give out some good suggestions. One should realize that suffering doesn’t always mean suicide or being broken. Sufferings and pain sometimes also mean becoming stronger and fighting the world with all the willpower.

One should also realize that suicide is not an option. Suicide increases suffering more. If there is no one available to talk to, one can contact the suicide helpline number for emergency assistance from their official website.


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