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Want to pursue your higher education abroad? Here are 5 foreign countries offering affordable and quality education!


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Have you ever dreamt of going abroad to study? Well, most students aspire so as the scope and infrastructure for education in foreign countries are much developed and students are provided with thousands of courses abroad. However, for a majority of the prospective students, the expense is a matter of big concern. For a middle class family, the prohibitive tuition fees along with the cost of living becomes too much to bear.

However one can always apply for scholarships but not everyone receives it, due to a lack of solid academic performance. Due to lack of collaterals, many miss out out on availing of bank loans.

Fortunately, we do have some countries that offers affordable and quality education. Sometimes these countries provides free education for international students too. This indicates, you can continue your higher education free of cost and all you need to pay for is the living.

In this article, we will look at the 5 best foreign countries which offer affordable and quality education for International students.



Germany, the country that tops the list where one can pursue higher education at minimal or no cost. Germany’s public universities do not charge tuition fees from students for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees irrespective of their nationalities. However, sometimes students need to pay administration fee which is very minimal and quite less compared to what charged in our own country. One can always do part-time jobs to cover the expenses. Moreover, scholarships and grants can be helpful too. As English is commonly spoken in Germany and the courses offered here are also in English, as a result, the international students can easily pursue higher education in the country.


TAIWAN education foreign The North-Eastern Chronicle

Taiwan is the second inexpensive country to study abroad for Indian students. For students who wish to study in Asia, Taiwan is one of the leading higher education destinations. Taiwan not only provides a impressive lineup of universities but the low cost of living makes it extremely affordable.

As the country offers more than 120 English-language courses at more than 40 universities, it has become a popular destination for studying Mandarin. Taiwan also provides a decent quality of life with extremely low housing expenses.


NORWAY education foreign The North-Eastern Chronicle

Norway is famous for its amazing natural beauty, standard of living and its high-quality schooling. It offers education, without spending a penny to pursue undergraduate, post graduate or doctoral degrees because the education in the country is financed by the government with taxpayer’s money.

As, most Norwegians speak impressive English, so some of the institutes offers courses in English, for example- Norwegian University of Life Sciences, University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of Tromsø. Sadly, the cost of living in Norway is higher than one would expect, and food costs are feasible. However, you need to learn the language as most top universities in Norway offer education in Norwegian language.


SPAIN education 1 foreign The North-Eastern Chronicle

Spain is another country that comes in the list. It’s a common option for aspiring students, as it has an international reputation and deliver high-quality university education at a very affordable rate. One can study here with very low cost and pursue various courses from the undergraduate till the doctoral level.

Although, free university education is offered to EU citizens only but Spain does provide low cost education to students outside EU and offers reasonable cost of living too. A few remarkable universities in Spain for international students include University of Barcelona, University of Seville and University of Almeria. Apart from the finest education, one can relish the rich culture of this country.


FRANCE education foreign The North-Eastern Chronicle

France is an exquisite country both in terms of scenic beauty and education. With an advance education system, this country makes a good option for students to study abroad. Except a few public universities, Higher education in France is mostly free. However these public universities too charges a very minimal fee.

The country provides various creative and mainstream courses in the universities, that students can opt for. As per the global ranking, there are 39 universities in France which offers world class education to the students across the globe.

If you’ve decided to study abroad, it is not impossible to do so. Hope this article will help you pursue a better career.

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