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Assam Government makes History, Geography of Assam compulsory for Class 10

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On July 17, High school teachers of Assam requested the state government to make history and geography compulsory subjects at the school level.

Why is it compulsory?


Rajen Sarma, the secretary of Assam High School Teachers’ Association, explained to The Telegraph that the inclusion of these two subjects as compulsory will strengthen students’ prudence and help them know their culture and tradition in a more progressive manner. 

History and geography have been the elective subjects in classes IX and X till now. Students can select one subject and sit in the Matric exam instead of advanced mathematics, Hindi and computer science. 

History and geography Geography The North-Eastern Chronicle

As per the sources, the majority of the students select advanced mathematics or computer science as their elective subjects in order to score good marks.

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Statement regarding the discussion

Speaking on the same, Rajan Sarma said: “The education department and the Board of Secondary Education, Assam, argue that students need not take history and geography as compulsory subjects since social science is covering both. We do not accept this half-hearted argument.”

“Students must read history and geography as independent and compulsory subjects to know the roots of our society. Inclusion of these subjects will make students responsible citizens. We cannot afford to produce students who can only score a high percentage of marks in exams.”

rangghar Geography The North-Eastern Chronicle

Dinesh Baishya, principal of B. Borooah College, said there was a huge need to make history and geography compulsory subjects. 

“The real objective of education is to produce good and responsible citizens. However, the present education system is completely market driven and thus ignores subjects like history and geography. Assam is no exception and this signals a dangerous situation. The future generation must be aware of their roots,” he said.

“We are not against following a syllabus in the line of National Council of Education Research and Training to enable our students to compete at the national level. But it will be a blunder in case of literal translation of NCERT books. It is time Assam came up with an education policy to make the priorities of the state clear in the field of education,” says the secretary of Assam High School Teachers’ Association.

Official meeting to discuss the issues afflicting school education

The teachers’ association went through two informal meetings with CM Himanta Biswa Sarma and will soon organize a formal one to discuss the issues afflicting school education and make it clear to the general public, Rajen Sarma said. 

“High school teachers are eagerly waiting for the Gauhati High Court verdict on their petition, challenging the government’s order of making bachelor of education degree compulsory for the post of headmaster,” he added.

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