Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Hospital admissions on rise due to increase in viral fever; 171 children admitted

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Other than COVID-19 cases, there has been a rise in the number of children being admitted to hospitals due to Chronic diseases and viral fever like encephalitis and pneumonia, especially in departments where oxygen supply is available.

Rise in Hospital Admissions

According to Pragyaraj Chief Medical Officer Dr Nanak Saran, 171 patients have been admitted at Motilal Nehru Hospital of Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh where 120 are only available in the Children ward. Thus, 2-3 children from the said ward have been shifted to just one bed.

Moreover, he also stated that the cases of dengue are lesser in the area and that chronic cases like encephalitis and pneumonia which require oxygen support are more in number. This is probably due to the floodwater receding in the flood-affected areas.

One of the parents of the patients who have been admitted said that the doctors at the hospital are not paying any attention and that there is no bed to lie down on. He also added that his child is being infected by the medicine which has been provided by the hospital.

Another parent whose child is under oxygen support said that the hospital administration is careless as there are many more children who are in dire need of treatment.

Dengue Outbreak in Firozabad


Meanwhile, in the same state of Uttar Pradesh, in Firozabad, on September 5, the death toll due to dengue fever increased to 51 due to people losing their lives in the dengue viral fever outbreak.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Dinesh Kumar Premi told ANI that the death toll rose to 51 after another person’s death. He also emphasised maintaining cleanliness in surroundings and making sure not to collect water, especially from water coolers. Lastly, he also pushed everyone to get a check-up if they show any signs of fever.

Presently, 475 patients at least have been admitted to the Autonomous State Medical College.

Acting Chief Medical Superintendent Dr Alok Kumar said that there have been 475 patients admitted at the hospital, including 62 patients which have been admitted to the new building.

Health Ministry’s Central team conducts door-to-door inspection

On Friday, the Health Ministry’s Central team consisting of a 5-member Central team conducted a door-to-door inspection and spread awareness such as do’s and don’ts to curb the spread of dengue in the district. Following the inspection, a meeting was also held along with the district and state health officials.

Previously on Thursday, just a day before the inspections programme, another 5-member team from the Uttar Pradesh Health Department conducted several tests and later found a large number of dengue mosquito larvae in the affected areas of the districts. This team was led by Dr Awadhesh Yadav, Joint Department of Health Department. The said team made their arrival in Firozabad on August 30 from Lucknow.

After the reports of children dying from the suspected dengue and viral fever Chief Medical Officer of the Firozabad district was removed by Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

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