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If names are included in the NRC, Assam government will settle the Darrang-eviction

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On Wednesday, the BJP-led government notified the Gauhati High Court that one of the major conditions for rehabilitating households evicted from state-owned land at Sipajhar in Assam’s Darrang district last September is that their names be included in the new National Register of Citizens (NRC).

The Supreme Court is reviewing a slew of Public Interest Litigation (PILs) relating to the eviction campaign, which triggered a mob reaction from illegal settlers and culminated in police shots that killed two people and injured numerous others.


Aside from the NRC requirement, Bilal Ikram, attorney for petitioner and Congress MLA Debabrata Saikia, argued that the state has set a few other requirements for the rehabilitation of people evicted during the land reclamation campaign.

The families must be landless, which is one of the prerequisites. According to the sources, the state will also inspect them to see if they are prone to erosion.

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Saikia, the assembly’s opposition leader, would file a rebuttal specifically criticising the need that those evicted be NRC members in order to be eligible for rehabilitation.

NRC assam assam The North-Eastern Chronicle

On the directives of the Supreme Court, the NRC, which is unique to Assam, was first created in 1951 and has since been revised and releas

The apex court and the Registrar General of India have yet to approve the amended citizenship rolls.

The court

According to Saikia, the advocate general informed the court that the state would not take coercive action against any potential illegal settler unless forced to.

According to Saikia’s lawyer, the advocate general told the court that the state would not take coercive action against any potential illegal settler unless forced to.

The state stated that an inquiry into the September 23 mob violence was underway to uncover the facts and circumstances leading up to the incident, as well as whether any external entity or organisation was involved in inciting the mob rage.

The division bench acknowledged the submissions made on behalf of the state administration in a ruling issued on Wednesday.

On December 14, the petitions will be heard again.


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