A Vadodara guy describes how he and his wife travelled across India on their Bullet with a sidecar in a touching article posted by Humans of Bombay. They’ve had quite an experience since then.

“I thought, ‘I’m not going to spend the rest of my life like an old man,’ I was just 67! I started slow–I took out my 1974 bullet and started driving to nearby cities,” he said, according to the post.

While he was loving every inch of the experience, he used to miss his wife. “She was on a wheelchair, so she could no longer sit behind me on the Bullet like she used to,” he mentioned further. “So, it struck me, ‘If I fix the bullet with a sidecar, Leela could travel comfortably!’” he added.

The pair had their first journey together in 2016 after the sidecar was fitted. The pair travelled from Gujarat’s Vadodara via Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

“And simply holding Leela’s hands whilst watching the sunset made life seem worth it. Dekhte hi dekhte 75 dins ho gaye–when we returned to Vadodara, we were already planning our next trip!” he said.

They’ve subsequently been to numerous locations and created lifelong memories. The essay also goes into depth about how the pair budgeted for their vacations, as well as their experiences meeting new people and experiencing new locations.


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