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Importance of Books and Book fairs in our lives

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The book is an valuable asset to human life. For millennia, books have played an important part in the advancement of civilisation. The book creates mental bridges.

A house without books is like a chamber with no windows. As a result, the Book Fair is a knowledge-sharing event. The author writes that the publisher is free to read it while the reader purchases it.

037 book The North-Eastern Chronicle

Book fair writers, readers, publishers are meeting lands. Book fairs create book consciousness. Large book fairs are held in different parts of the world. International book fairs such as Moscow, London, Singapore etc. are held. India has also been participating in those places.

Assam hosts various Book fairs throughout the year

India ranks third in terms of book publishing in the world. Books fairs are organized annually in Tripura, Meghalaya and Assam in the North East. Assam has rules for playing book fairs with assam sahitya sabha sessions.

It is also a happy news to hold book fairs elsewhere in Assam. Official book fairs have been organized at Jorhat, Sivasagar, Duliajan, Barpeta, Goalpara etc. in Assam. The book fair is a path that opens the way for students to know.


Every year, we require book fairs. However, such fairs that are purely commercial in nature do not appeal to the author or reader of a book. The Assam Book Fair will be hosted at the Assam Engineering Institute, Maidan Chandmari in Guwahati City from December 29 to January 9, 2022.

People from different parts of Assam have come here and gathered here. There have also been a combination of books by thousands of writers. Readers from different parts have come and thronged.

Various publishing houses present at the fair

Assam Publishing Material Guwahati, Sado Assam Book Publisher and Seller Sansthan Guwahati, Purvan Prakashan Guwahati, Vidyamandir Dibrugarh, Banalata Guwahati, Bharat Prakashan (Delhi), WRITER’S RACKS, Assam Sahitya Sabha Guwahati, Saraswati Prakashan Golaghat, Bangladesh Pavilion Dhaka Bangladesh, Talim Prakashan Kolkata, Sharma Prakashan Nalbari, Iskcon Guwahati, Gyanam Prakashan Sivasagar, Ashok Publications Guwahati, Chandraprakash Guwahati, National Library Guwahati, Saathi GyanYatra Guwahati, Raju Book Stall Guwahati, O’Strees Kolkata, Varna Guwahati, Rekha Prakashan Guwahati, Jagran Sahitya Prakashan Guwahati, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Guwahati, Banful Prakashan Guwahati, St. Kolkata, Chitralekha Kolkata, EDU AID GUWAHATI, Harper Collins Publishers India Ltd. Gurgaon Haryana, Srishti Prakash Moringao etc. A total of nine old novels have been combined as a set.

Books and knowledge come hand in hand

Knowledge has spread as a result of this. The students’ knowledge has progressed. Additionally, book fairs benefit the book vendor financially. As a result, a book fair is beneficial rather than harmful. That is why we must all recognise the importance of a book fair in a certain location.

036 book The North-Eastern Chronicle

Involvement of the government is also required in this regard. One of the key advantages is that the government can assist. In this sense, we must also be conscious of the general audience, emphasizing that this book fair is free of commercial interests. Because there is a greater demand for books to become a healthy citizen of a country.

-Hirakjyoti Deka
Department of Communications and Journalism, Guwahati University



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