Monday, December 6, 2021

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In Arunachal Pradesh, India has increased day and night monitoring along the LAC

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According to an official on Sunday, India has deployed a fleet of drones and other assets to increase day and night monitoring along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Arunachal Pradesh sector, bolstering overall military readiness to deal with any Chinese misadventure. Following last year’s battles in the Galwan Valley, India expanded its total deployment along the nearly 3,400-kilometer-long LAC, as well as speeding up infrastructure development, in order to gain a tactical edge.

According to information obtained from reliable sources

A large fleet of Israeli-made Heron medium-altitude long-endurance drones is patrolling the LAC in the rugged terrain around the clock, providing essential data and images to command and control centres. In addition to drones, the Indian Army’s air department has deployed the Weapon System Integrated (WSI) edition of the Advanced Light Helicopter Rudra in the region.

The Heron drones were originally deployed in the region four to five years ago, and today, under the’sensor to shooter’ concept, which allows military forces to be deployed on short notice for any operational objectives, the integration of surveillance has substantially increased.

The Indian Army is also acquiring a fleet of Israeli Heron TP drones, which can fly for up to 45 hours at a height of 35,000 feet.

Forces collide

Following a severe confrontation in the Pangong lake areas, Indian and Chinese forces clashed in eastern Ladakh on May 5, last year, and both sides gradually escalated their deployment by pouring in tens of thousands of soldiers and heavy equipment.

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Tensions have grown after the tragic skirmishes in Galwan Valley on June 15 of last year. The two parties concluded the disengagement process in the Gogra area in August and the north and south banks of the Pangong lake in February as a result of a series of military and diplomatic talks.

Another showdown in Arunachal Pradesh as China intensifies its pressure on the LAC

Another faceoff involving roughly 200 PLA soldiers took occurred in Arunachal Pradesh last week when the Indian Army engaged them in the sensitive Tawang area, as China continues to increase pressure on the Line of Control in the Central and Eastern sectors.

The confrontation, which did not result in a combat or infrastructure damage, occurred after Chinese soldiers crossed the LAC and attempted to attack Indian defences, according to sources. “The defences have not been harmed.” When patrols meet when there are divergent perceptions on the border, this is standard procedure. Both sides are on the lookout. “It’s only that the patrols occurred to meet in this case,” sources added.

According to ET, there has been a rise in troop clashes, particularly in the middle sector – Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand bordering Tibet – which has been mainly tranquil for decades. The other two sectors – the northern one, which includes Ladakh, and the eastern one, which includes Sikkim and Arunachal – have seen a rise in Chinese troops and infrastructure as well.


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