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India confirms first death linked to Covid-19 Vaccination

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A 68-year-old man has died of anaphylaxis after he was dispensed a COVID-19 vaccine. It was ferreted out after a government panel was set up for examining the vaccines and its side effects. The death is reported as “Vaccine product related reaction” in the medical report.

As per the sources, the patient died on March 8, 2021 due to anaphylaxis after receiving the vaccine. The causality assessment of 31 reported Serious Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) cases following COVID-19 vaccination was carried out by the panel.

Dr. N.K. Arora, chairperson, National AEFI committee said, “It is the first death linked to COVID-19 vaccination due to anaphylaxis. It re-emphasises the need to wait for 30 minutes at the inoculation centre after receiving the jab. Most of the anaphylactic reactions occur during this period and prompt treatment prevents deaths.”

The panel further stated that only properly conducted investigations and causality assessments can help in understanding if any casual relationship exists between the incident and the vaccine.

Inputs: The Hindu

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