Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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India: E-Learning and its effect on Human Resources


By Ashraf Rehman, M.A. Economics(Central University of Sikkim)

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India, a dynamic geographical nation surrounded by the “Heaven on Earth” to the north, by the oldest intellect wind to the east, with the magnificently gorgeous Brahmaputra flowing in the heart of the North East bragging with the largest wildlife sanctuary; The Kaziranga National Park and with the ancient gifts of Kings and Gods to the West and the beauty of Kanyakumari at the tip of south, where the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal all meet.

India ranking second most populated nation according to the U.S. Census Bureau Current with 136.64 Crores.

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With such a huge density of Population, which a time becomes a burden in the Government to provide the basic needs to its citizen, though it’s the sole responsibility of the Government to maintain peace, harmony among its citizens, a very complex and critical situation don arises a times for the administration to administer a land with such diverse beauty of its culture, heritage and with steps we cover a kilometre, we see a gorgeous change in the accent in the languages, food habits etc.

With such a huge population a times huge problems do arises but at the same time a huge & talented human resources do knock the doors of this great nation, for opportunities and utilization of its skill, knowledge and power.

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As one of the famous and the greatest economist of all times quoted, “It economics is a method rather than a doctrine, an apparatus of mind, a technique of thinking which helps its possessor to draw correct conclusions” Thus, a proper utilization of these huge human population can bring renowned names in every field where India steps its foot.

As the famous Indian Economist and former RBI Governor quoted, ”A right channelization of the human resources in India will bring 7 famous names in every field in the globe.”

As we know human resource is one of the key important pillars which holds and contributes to the development of a nation, its employability play a dynamic role in the economy of a nation and its overall development.

To understand, the key factor of institutions which produces Human Resources, we need to understand how those institutions mould and help the growth of Human.

Due to the rise in the cases of the novel corona virus disease(Covid-19) which created the atmosphere of not only infrastructural lockdown and pandemic but also in the mental and academic aspects.

The sudden shift in the education system has created a tense environment for learning among students of various fields & academic levels. As the statistical report says majority of the population are marginalised or below poverty line.

Hence it makes it a very sensitive topic to address. Since, majority of the family’s children or students will not be able to access to the sources, resources, technological equipments or devices.

Undoubtedly, the Government of India introduced various schemes and programmes under “Digital India Programme”, Ministry of Electronics and Information. But, the vast majority of the population are still unaware to compute and use devices.


Hence, an initiative awareness programmes to address such issues might be beneficial for the majority. Programmes like “National Digital Library of India” a magnificent and solution oriented approach by providing 4crore 60 lakh books, a priceless facility for the student community.

But to access those facility a proper internet and electricity facility is must with an awareness programme to introduce these facilities to the rural and remote regions of India, which or whose population is not only unaware but also lacking the basic facility to access such benefits.

A strong and skill human resource is one of the wealth of a nation; hence its development under its respective institutions is a key factor in its employability in the rising rapid growing world and a populated nation with such diverse and rich culture immensely influences the subcontinent and the globe.

Thus, a channelized approach and equal informative facility environment will bring golden names who will contribute in every field, Science, Arts, Literature, Engineering and Medical etc.

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