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India’s Version Of Dog Meat Culture

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//Trigger Warning, Viewers Discretion advised//

The animal Bazar of Dimapur has been the topic of discussion amongst people over its illegal trade of dog meat for a long time. Consumption of dog meat has once again drawn attention. This time by the Lok Sabha Member of Parliament, Maneka Gandhi (@manekagandhibjp)who is also a leading animal activist in India. Recently in a post shared by the official page of the “People For Animal”(@pfa.official) where a picture is shared of stray dogs with mouths tied in gunny bags, stating it as an illegal act and cannot be allowed in the guise of culture. She further claims that “Nagaland has eaten all its dogs and now it’s smuggling dogs from West Bengal and Assam”. 

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However, if we think about the diversity of India and the variation in culture of the country, claiming the Dog Meat consumption as “unacceptable in the guise of culture” is not quite parallel. And for illegal trades of animals for consumption, both the trader and the buyer are at fault and strict action against it can be taken by the government of West Bengal and Assam along with Nagaland as well.

dog meat The North-Eastern Chronicle
Credits: Economic Times

Locals of Nagaland on asking about how far it is true about eating dogs, says that it is a false allegation and that even the young generation of Nagaland do not encourage dog eating habits in the state. The consumption of Dog meat in Nagaland has always resulted in aggressive responses among people over India, be it verbally or through the Social Media. A large section of people from India considers this food habit as inhumane and dirty, and considers it illegal. In 2001 a law was passed in India that made the killing of stray dogs illegal, yet many studies have shown that trading of these dogs from other states is going on for years even after its declaration as an offense.

Anthropdomiaticizeological researchers claim that Dog meat has been considered as a delicacy in Nagaland cuisine for ages and many might be consuming till now and they domiaticize them before consuming as meat. However, this is the same process that is followed by people who consume any other kind of meat.

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According to various cases and reports filed in the past, innocent people of Nagaland have to face serious racial discrimination in mainland India over their habit of eating Dog meat and are also assaulted and attacked.

Illegal trade of deer meat has been going on in the state of Assam and other states of India for a long time which are actually not even allowed to be consumed. Elephant meat is also consumed in places around the nation, even rabbit, tortoise and wild cats are hunted illegally for meat. But there is no such heated up discussion amongst people about it.

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Food habits and unique delicacies have always been taking a religious, racial or communal turn in India resulting in disputes amongst the people of the same land.

Illegal trade of any kind of meat, be it beef, pork, deer, or any other animal must be considered as a heinous crime by the law and order without promoting any kind of racial discrimination or communal disputes, Illegal trade of any kind of meat is a serious offense.

Article by: Upasana Gohain, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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