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Inhuman: 5-year-old girl killed in suspected human sacrifice in Assam, 10 arrested including girl’s father

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Police stated on Wednesday that a five-year-old girl was found slain in Assam’s Charaideo district in a suspected case of human sacrifice and that an occult practitioner was apprehended.

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The little girl was first kidnapped and then murdered

The girl, the youngest of five siblings, was abducted from her home on a tea estate while she was sleeping on Monday night, and her older sister reported her missing to the Sefrai police station the next day.

On Tuesday night, the child’s body was recovered from the Singlu river, and red cloth with ashes, as well as other materials used in tantric rituals, were discovered on the riverbank, indicating that this could be a case of human sacrifice, according to a senior officer. Her body has been sent for post-mortem examination.

The manhunt


According to the senior officer, a tantric has been apprehended, and a manhunt has been initiated to find the major occult practitioner, who is the primary suspect in the case.

According to him, the girl’s parents have been interrogated, and ten persons, including her father, have been arrested for further questioning.

Confession of the deceased girl’s father

Anta Munda, her father, admitted that he and Bogadhar Munda, a Goddess Kali preacher, strangled the kid in a graveyard on Amavasya night (No moon day) on August 8 because they thought the infant was a “bad omen” for the family. After all, her mother died soon after giving birth to her four years ago.

Furthermore, any illness in the family was attributed to the child’s “bad impact.”

Charaideo SP Sudhakar Singh said, “We have arrested the father of the deceased girl and another person for the killing. We have sought their remand from the court for further investigation. Unfortunately, the girl was a victim of superstition.”

Why does such evil practice still prevail in society?

“Due to illiteracy, many people in the rural areas still believe in superstition and black magic. They come under the influence of quacks and tantric and do horrific things,” the SP said.

According to sources, superstition and black magic are common in Adivasi communities. Because the majority of people are illiterate, they are readily duped into believing in such practices.

“Earlier, cases of human sacrifice were reported in Assam. Mostly from tea belt areas, such cases are reported. The people easily fall under the influence of some quacks and sacrifice their near and dear ones. Due to superstitious beliefs and illiteracy in tea garden areas, such cases occurred,” said a police official.

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