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Innovative! Barak Valley boy modifies his Maruti Suzuki to Lamborghini; says ‘Next a version of Ferrari’

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Obsessed with sports car-like Lamborghini and Ferrari, Barak Valley boy innovates his Maruti Suzuki to Lamborghini. A garage owner from Karimganj district has made his version of the sports car. According to sources, Nurul Haque of the Bhanga area of Karimganj has utilized his entire lockdown period to create a custom car of course motivated by Lamborghini. After using Swift’s engine to innovate the same it can surely give a replica vibe to the original Lamborghini.

He said that it was his lifelong dream to own and drive a Lamborghini. He said, ‘Hailing from a place like this, it’s not possible to witness a sports car in such places as we’d expect in metro cities or bigger cities. But I’ve always wanted to drive or own a sports car, so I decided to make one myself.”

He while sharing his experience also said, ‘Due to lockdown I had to order all the raw materials and parts through online mode. For 8 months, I with the help of my staffs worked and toiled around the project and finally made this car to fruition’.

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