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Investment on Indigenous Start-ups is a Good alternative for Assam Development

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Assam Government’s land ordinance to MSMEs for Aatmanirbhar Assam is yet another “Brahmastra” used by the ruling Government to safeguard their vote bank prior to the upcoming elections. After the passing of Citizenship Amendment Bill back in December 2019, the ruling party has very well come to know that they lost the trust of the Assamese people to a great extend and their vote bank is at stake now. Using this period of global distress and the most stressful period, it has left no stones unturned to fulfil its political benefits and personal agenda.

Least was expected from the government as the promises they made in 2019 general elections has completed altered within a year of time and the new Land Ordinance is not of a great shock to the indigenous people of the state. Industry and Commerce Minister, Chandra Mohan Patowary recently stated that the new land ordinance will not threaten the indigenous land rights of the people and no agricultural land will be used unless the owners themselves offers it for the establishment of industries. But the greed for money will somewhere strike strongly among the people of Assam, who would definitely offer their land for the purpose.

However, the idea of land ordinance for MSMEs for the development of Assam is not a permanent solution as resources will only go out of our homeland once this policy starts functioning. As these industries set up, the raw materials and rich resources available will be used to a great extend by these industries and hence will be exploited. Although it will provide temporary job opportunities for the people in Assam, it will serve as a greeting to immigrants and their permanent settlements in the state. This reminds me of the strategies used by The East India Company to rule over the not so clever Indians and use the resources for their own benefits. Our freedom fighters had to come to rescue by sacrificing their blood as the price. This too gives the similar kind of feelings if you think deeply into the matter.

If the development of Assam due to the loss in economy amidst COVID 19 is actually the soul purpose of the Government behind the Land Ordinance in the state, then investment and providing proper opportunities to the Start-ups and the Organic Farmers of Assam who are working so hard for the successful establishment of their business plans would have been a better option. Due to lack of capital and plot for the proper executions, these Start-ups of the state and the smart Organic Farmers have to keep their great innovative ideas lithat should have strokedmited to their budgets. There is also a lack of opportunity to flourish or present the ideas that can actually help in the development of Assam. These will not only provide job opportunities to the youths of Assam but also save our resources from being exploited. Almost every other youth dreams of starting an Organic Farm now a days, and making this Land Ordinance only applicable to the indigenous people of Assam will help both in development of the state and safeguarding the Indigenous Land Rights. No brothers and sisters will have to serve as laborers at big industries in other states, or die of poverty as living in the homeland and working with enough raw materials and resources will lessen their expenses to a great extent.

If the Prime Minister can stress uthat should have strokedpon the need to promote entrepreneurs and Start-ups, why does a policy like the Land Ordinance comes up for Assam? The first thought that should have stroke the state government for the Development of Assam was to provide the needed opportunity for Start-ups and entrepreneurs of Assam. It’s time to let the brain function in the right way possible and stop it from getting manipulated every time. This Land Ordinance must be limited only to the micro and small industries, Start-ups and Organic Farmers of Assam. Because, this is what will actually result in true “Atmanirbhar” Assam.

Disclaimer: This Opinion is a perspective from one end, everyone might not agree with the same, we respect each and every opinion and look forward to hear it from our viewers.

Opinion by: Upasana Gohain, The North-Eastern Chronicle.

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