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Shocking! Irish woman faces trial, accused of having sex with Rottweiler dog

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In December, a 29-year-old Irish woman at her residence was accused of engaging in a sexual act with a mixed breed (part Rottweiler) dog. 

Case moved to trial at the Dublin District Court

However, in June this year, the case moved to trial at the Dublin District Court.

The prosecutors have now finished reading evidence, according to a news article in The Irish Sun.

On September 3, the case was started again in court when it was informed that the prosecutors had completed a book of evidence to attend to the woman, by Judge Treasa Kelly.

Accused not present in court

Regardless, the accused was not present in court. In this regard, Tony Collier, her lawyer, announced the reason for this was that the defendant had not wanted the book of evidence to be ready.

Moreover, the judge suspended the case till a date later this month and also remanded the accused on proceedings of bail.

The women may be sent for trial to the circuit court which could give a more severe sentence, during the next hearing, the book of proof will be taken up.

Reporting restrictions

In June when the case first came before the Dublin District Court, interim documenting restrictions were compelled to prevent the media from identifying the accused.

However, the lawyer of the accused had applied for the same, on the reason that exposing her identity could bring about troubles. 

Though, he argued that due to the essence of the charge, it is inclined to be received with revulsion by the public and media. However, this could impact the due process of law and impede her right to a fair trial, he said.

Yet, the judge has now broadened these temporary constraints. At the next hearing, a judgment will be taken on whether or not these should further proceed.

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