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It is the earnest need for people to change their conservative mindset towards women

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Regressive attitudes towards women are rooted in India’s deeply traditional and conservative culture, which women epitomize as a family and community’s honour. The attire they put on, places they go, time frame and people they hang out with, are always judged by society.

It is a conventional belief that women should be controlled, else, they would bring disgrace through unacceptable behaviour like hanging out with boys, smoking, drinking, dancing, wearing indecent clothes and being out from home late at night. Conservative thoughts on girls’ conduct are age-old instances. Forging from this intensified violence against women. Physical assault, sexual abuse, acid attack, molestation and domestic violence are some instances of accustomed violence against women. What is the root cause of such violence? It’s the inhuman instinct and conservative mindset of the people.

India has gripped out from clutches to attain independence since long ago. But to assure unmitigated freedom for women is an ongoing strive. In instances of rape, the victim is always blamed for her indecent clothes. Does rape never occur to a girl wearing salwar, saree or burkha? Why is it always mandatory for a girl to hold up decent conduct? Why is the time and attire of a girl being prime determinants to judge her character?

A girl is always victimized at various phases of her life, be it a wife domestically abused by her in-laws, a young lady getting trolled for her attire or a working woman staying away late from home. In recent times, debates on the rights of women have a pop-up. It’s not always education that can help end gender discrimination, as we can witness that at times the literate people commit heinous crimes against women. The conservative mindset of the people is to be blamed for such gender bias. Though various laws are framed to protect the exploitation of women, unless the orthodox thoughts are altered, nothing can help.

Disclaimer: This opinion is a perspective from one end, everyone might not agree with the same. We respect each other and every opinion and look forward to hear it from our viewers.

Opinion By: Shahin Ahmed, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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