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Hairstyle mishap! ITC Maurya in Delhi forced to compensate a woman for a botched haircut worth Rs 2 crore

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NEW DELHI: ITC Maurya, a Delhi five-star hotel had to pay a high amount for a bad haircut. The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has ordered the hotel to pay a hefty Rs 2 crore compensation to a woman, a communication professional, and a model, who suffered mental anguish as a result of the negligence of a hair professional at the five-star hotel’s salon.

According to a bench consisting of President Justice RK Agrawal and member S M Kantikar, “There is no doubt that the women are very cautious and careful about their hair. They spend a handsome amount on keeping the hair in good condition. They are also emotionally attached with their hair”.

Panel ordered the ITC Maurya to reimburse Rs 2 crore for “medical negligence in hair treatment”

The panel ordered the ITC to reimburse Aashna Roy Rs 2 crore within eight weeks for a service failure under the Consumer Protection Act

ITC Maurya

In an order dated September 21, the commission stated, “The Opposite Party No 2 is also guilty of medical negligence in hair treatment. Her scalp was burnt and still there is allergy and itching due to the fault of the staff of Opposite Party No 2”. 

Roy claims she had a terrible mental breakdown, low self-esteem, and avoided social events

“She is a communication professional and required to be involved in meetings and interactive sessions. But she lost her self-confidence due to her little hair. She has also suffered the loss of income due to a mental breakdown after the shoddy haircut and thereafter the torturous hair treatment. She left her job also,” the bench stated.

Roy has been a model for hair products due to her long hair, according to the bench, and she has done modelling for major brands. 

“However, she lost her expected assignments and suffered a large loss as a result of hair cutting against her orders… she completely changed her lifestyle and wrecked her ambition of being a top model,” it said.

Roy suffered a severe mental breakdown and trauma: Commission states

The commission commented, “There is no doubt that realizing the mistake done by its staff, the Opposite Party No 2 offered the free hair treatment to the complainant, and the complainant was not attended to for a gesture. Hence, we are of the considered view that the complainant is a consumer.”

ITC Maurya in Delhi order ITC Maurya The North-Eastern Chronicle

She was also employed as a senior management professional, earning a decent salary, according to the bench.

“She suffered a severe mental breakdown and trauma as a result of the Opposite Party No 2’s negligence in cutting her hair,” it stated. “She was unable to concentrate on her job and eventually lost her job.”

After complaining to management, Roy received a second call for hair treatment

Roy claimed in her plea that on April 12, 2018, she went to the salon where she had been going since 2004, for “hairstyling to have a clean and groomed appearance before the interview panel.” 

The hairdresser, on the other hand, chopped off her entire head of hair, leaving only 4 inches from the top and barely brushing her shoulders– contrary to her wishes.

After complaining to management on May 3rd, 2018, she received a second call for hair treatment. However, due to the excessive ammonia used in the therapy, her hair and scalp were severely damaged, and there was significant discomfort across the scalp.

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