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IVF doctor calls out makers of movie ‘Mimi’ for spread of misinformation on sensitive topic of Surrogacy

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Most of us watch and enjoy movies as a great pastime. Films can be used as a distraction from our everyday life, a wake up call to our society, or comic relief when life seems to just be too serious. While many have their specific genre they stick to, some enjoy a bit of everything. 

Reel life v/s real life

However, one aspect that might be very common in most of us is, sometimes we get carried away and start believing the facts and figures that are being portrayed on the screen as reality.

This is where the problem lies. While some may cross-check those facts, many don’t. This leads to the rapid spread of misinformation. This is what happened in the case of the recently released extremely popular Hindi Bollywood Movie, ‘Mimi’.

“False information”


“The false movie is based on false information”, “It is appalling to see the amount of misinfo this movie presents to us with,” he said.

After having watched Mimi, an IVF doctor Yuvraj said he was sure about the misinformation of surrogacy this movie would spread after he watched the trailer.

He points out that Pankaj Tripathi’s character takes a couple to an old lady who has given birth to 12 children already and explains that as per the law, “any lady above 35 yrs is not allowed to become a surrogate mother.”

Mimi movie The North-Eastern Chronicle

Talking about Kriti Sanon’s role, he said, “according to laws, anyone who becomes a surrogate needs to be a married lady with one living child of hers.” Kriti is a 24-y-o unmarried dancer who becomes a surrogate mother without the consent of her parents. “Undergoing surrogacy by a lady involves counseling for the entire family along with her partner. Only then is she allowed to undergo surrogacy.”

He also revealed that unlike shown in the film, “A Down Syndrome test is done as early as 3 months or 13 weeks to 16 weeks of pregnancy.”

“Entire movie was ‘allegedly’ based on false statements and false information” 

surrogacy movie The North-Eastern Chronicle

“Surrogacy is a legally binding contract. A couple cannot abandon the child being born via surrogacy. Such a couple can be put behind bars for 10 yrs.”

“In fact, it is sad to see the makers and the writers, before making a film on such a complex and sensitive subject, have not taken even an inch of an effort to research the facts and the laws and the regulations that move around surrogacy in our country. If they had taken five minutes to Google surrogacy laws in India, they would have realised that their entire movie was based on false statements and false information,” he added.

He also called out the “loose and sleazy language” around sensitive topics as such.

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