Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Jaw-dropping: Fish with ‘human’ like teeth found in US

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The unbelievable incident took place in northern California, US, where a fisherman caught a fish with characteristic teeth, similar to humans.

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The bizarre catch


The picture of the aquatic animal was shared from a Facebook page and people were so surprised that it immediately went viral. 

The fish’s top and lower jaws are seen to contain incisors. It also has several rows of molars that it utilizes to smash prey.

Because of its mouth looking like the mouth of a sheep, it was eventually determined to be a sheepshead.

Why are the teeth of sheepshead similar to that of humans?


According to Scientific American, sheepshead are omnivores, so, therefore, they too have teeth similar to that of humans.

Picture of the sheepshead going viral

Jennette’s Pier announced the unusual catch on Facebook on Tuesday, claiming that fisherman Nathan Martin caught the “lovely toothy 9 lb” sheepshead. 

In the photo shared by him, it was seen that the fish was smiling with all its pearly-ish white teeth out. 

The photographs have received more than 1,200 likes and hundreds of comments on social media. 

“I have never seen a fish like this one,” said Jean-Claude Savard.

Another user, Orkun Movic, said, “His teeth look better than mine.”

However, one of the users also thought that it was a photoshopped picture. 

 “Some of the worst photoshop I have seen,” said Pamela A-v.

Amazing facts

The sheepshead fish has been around for a long time and can be found in both North and South America, even though some people are doubtful of the picture. It’s a deep-bodied flatfish with strong dorsal spines. It is an omnivore with a length of 10-20 inches.

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