Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Taliban in first presser since Kabul takeover says Women can work, within the limits of Islamic laws

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The Taliban promised to defend women’s rights “within the limitations” of Islamic law in their first official press conference since the Kabul seizure.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told a press conference from within the Presidential Palace in Kabul that women’s rights will be safeguarded “within the limitations of Islamic law.”

“The women are going to be very active in society, but within the framework of Islam,” Al Jazeera quoted Mujahid as saying.

Taliban is looking for peaceful relations


The Taliban spokesperson expressed their desire for peaceful relations with foreign countries, stating that they do not intend to have any “internal or external enemies.”

“We want to assure our neighboring countries that our land will not be misused against them. The international community should also recognize us.”

The Taliban spokesperson added that after seizing the rest of the areas, they planned to stop at the gates of Kabul, calling the Ghani-led administration “incompetent.”

“We want to assure the security of international embassies and organizations in Kabul. We planned to stop at the gates of Kabul after capturing the rest of the areas but, unfortunately, the previous government was incompetent. They could not provide security. We will provide security to all foreign organizations now. We don’t seek any enemies. inside or outside Afghanistan,” Zabihullah Mujahid said.

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Differences between the 1990s Taliban and the current one

When asked about the distinctions between the Taliban of the 1990s and the contemporary Taliban, Mujahid answered the ideology and principles are the same because they are Muslims, but there is a difference in terms of experience. They are more experienced and have a distinct perspective, he added.

Taliban promises to honor women’s rights within Islamic law

The Taliban spokesperson promised to respect women’s rights while adhering to Islamic law.

His claim that the Taliban will preserve women’s rights comes after the Taliban’s comeback has reignited women’s fears of the Taliban’s previous rule, which severely curtailed women’s lives and rights.

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