The chief minister of Karnataka State who is in New Delhi, Basavaraj Bommai, said on Thursday that the perpetrators of the Mysore gang will soon be captured and brought to justice because of a political dispute between the BJP and the parliament over the suspected gang. The Home Minister of Karnataka, Araga Jnanendra, told ANI that the incident occurred in an abandoned area where the girl went with her friend. “They shouldn’t go there,” the minister said, eliciting a strong reaction from Congress.

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Home Minister criticizes the congress

The Home Minister criticized Congress for turning it into a political issue. He said, “Rape has happened there (in Mysuru), but the Congress was trying to rape me, they are trying to rape the Home Minister. They are trying to gain political mileage.”

On Thursday, the Karnataka State Congress issued various accusations against the BJP on Twitter and stated that one MLA has also been raped. The Congress cited the example of how the BJP always blamed the victim, referred to the statement of the Home Minister, and stated that in this case, the Minister of the Interior also blamed the victim.

“When such incidents happen, instead of exerting pressure to see it from a humanitarian perspective and detect (the culprits), attempts are on to get political mileage in such a situation. People will see it. I will not say much on this. Instructions have been given on what has to be done by the police so that such things don’t recur and we are at it,” the home minister said.

Statement by congress leader DK Shivakumar

Congress leader DK Shivakumar said it seems the home minister likes the word ‘rape’. “He (Home Minister) has claimed that Congress was raping him, he is using the word rape very lightly…it seems he likes that word. I seek the response of BJP leaders on this statement. When a home minister is saying that Congress is raping him, what is the administration of the state doing?” D K Shivakumar said urging the police to arrest anyone who is “raping the home minister”.

Horror story of rape near Chamundi Hills


On Tuesday, five men allegedly raped a female college student near Chamundi Hill in Mysore. The girl was accompanied by a friend, and both of them are now receiving treatment. According to reports, when the perpetrators detained them, the two went and returned from Chamundi Hill. According to reports, the boy was beaten after telling them he had no money and the girl was raped by everyone.

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