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Man asks his barber to style him as Kim Jong Un, result will leave you speechless; Watch

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In the video that has rapidly gone viral, a man takes a seat and records his response to seeing his haircut resemble Kim Jong Un.

A man went to get his hair cut at a hairdresser. He didn’t want a costly haircut; his sole request was that his hair is done in the manner of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

That could have been difficult, yet the barber pulled it off flawlessly. He posted a video on TikTok after getting his hair styled like the North Korean leader.

Man astonished after haircut; viral video first published in Reddit

The video, unsurprisingly, has gone insanely viral on social media.


The man can be seen sitting in a chair, recording his astonishment after seeing his haircut resemble that of Kim Jong Un, in the now-viral video.


In the video, the barber who gave him the haircut can also be seen. The two may be seen giggling uncontrollably. The footage was published on Reddit with the comment “Kim Jong Un style haircut (sic).”

Netizens swoon over the viral video; Floods the post with funny comments

There are a lot of funny comments in the comments section.

“Dude pulls it off! Looks good (sic),” a user said.

Wonderful decoy! Kim should hire him (sic),” another user commented.

“I want this dude to fly to North Korea dressed as Kim Jong Un and confuse the f*** out of the border guards (sic),” another netizen expressed.

Comments such as “wonderful Joy” and “Kim should hire him!” flooded the post.

One person wrote, “I love that the hairstylist is enjoying as much as he is”

Spotlight on Kim Jong Un for his altered appearance

Because of his new appearance, Kim Jong Un has been in the news for quite some time.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader appears to have dropped a significant amount of weight, as he seemed much smaller at an event commemorating the country’s 73rd anniversary.

Over the last few months, Kim Jong Un has lost a significant amount of weight. When he made his first public appearance in weeks to convene a ruling party conference in June, his weight loss was evident.

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