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Kuldhara: A deserted village tale of Rajasthan

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Mostly known for its ghostly existence, Kuldhara village is situated around 18 km Southwest of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and it is a deserted village since the early 19 century.

It popularly helped built the notion that village is now inhabited by ghosts but in reality, it was home to rich Paliwal Brahmins.


The Haunted village was abandoned by its inhabitants because of atticrs committed by a powerful minister of Jaisalmer, Salim Singh.

It is said that “Salim Singh liked a girl from this village and to protect their honor all residence migrated to some other place in just one night. They just disappeared. God knows where the went”, said Suma Ram an elderly man who lives near the entrance to the village.

Well, according to folklore, the original inhabitants had deserted the village due to which it remains deserted. The Haunting part of Kuldhara may be a myth according to some people while others are connected to it in some way or the other.

Kuldhara Kuldhara The North-Eastern Chronicle

“The village has ruins of old buildings and nothing else. Paliwal Brahimn has left this village to protect their honor. This village could not be inherited ever since”, says Suma Ram told PTI.

It is commonly believed that the place is possessed by spirits but the old man rejected this theory saying “he had lived there for long and never and counted any such activities”.

As per many paranormal researchers, it is said that if someone curses anything then a spiritual power or any spirit use to connect with it to protect the curse.

The person who gives the curse dies one day who has taken the curse also dies but the curse stays alive for many generations. Well, these are some theories made on ‘curses’.

As per reports, it is said that “People come here with a perception that ghosts live here but we have never seen any such thing. No one lives around this place and this kind of atmosphere creates fear” said a caretaker who lives near that place.

Kuldhara is an archaeological site, frequently visited by many tourists during the daytime, particularly during the tourist season. It has dilapidated houses.

Amid the ruins stands a renovated temple. A few houses have also been renovated to give the visitors an idea of its structure.

Bhangarh Fort Kuldhara The North-Eastern Chronicle

Mostly the Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan is famous as the most haunted place in Rajasthan and also it is said that the place is captured by many spirits.

The place also has a story and the roots are also stuffed into a curse given by a Magician. It seems that curses have a deep attachment with the spirits as mentioned earlier. Still many place of this place are yet discovered.

Many stories are there which are still hiding from our vision. The eldery person has a account of it but sometime it is better to keep those door shut because when they open, nightmares may come into existence.


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