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Lake of no return: A tale of unsolved mysteries

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Lake of No Return (Naung Yang in Tai languages) is a frame of water in Myanmar, lying inside the region of the Pangsau Pass (3727′) on the India–Myanmar border south of Pangsau (additionally referred to as Pansaung) village. The lake is 1.4 km in duration and 0.8 km in width at its widest part.

It is positioned 2.5 km to the southwest of the Ledo Road, previously referred to as Stilwell Road, the street the Western Allies began out constructing in 1942 to deliver the Chinese armies of Chiang Kai-shek.

The region is home to the Tangsa community. After the improvement of the relation between India and Myanmar,the lake has come to play a component withinside the improvement of tourism withinside the close by Indian Changlang District, which borders on Myanmar.

The mystery and the legends

The most usual account about the origin of the lake’s name is the one told, as an instance, at the Changlang District’s website (the district is in Arunachal Pradesh, India), which speculates that the name is because of the quantity of Allied aircraft (on their technique to The Hump) which crash-landed in it during World War II,a tale repeated in each the Indian press and in Indian fiction.

Lake of no return

American assets repeat that account, as an instance within the 2008 e-book by Brendan I. Koerner, Now the Hell Will Start: One Soldier’s Flight from the Greatest Manhunt of World War II, approximately the lifestyles of Herman Perry, a U.S. serviceman running at the Ledo Road who fled into the jungle and ended up marrying into the Naga tribe (of which the Tangsa are a subset): “The Americans call it as the Lake of No Return, due to all of the crashed planes hid in its depths.”

The unsolved tales of “Lake of no return”

At least 3 extra tales give an explanation for the call. The 2day has it that a collection of Japanese soldiers getting back from a struggle misplaced their manners and ended up on the lake. There, they have been afflicted through malaria and died and subsequently it’s miles known as the Lake of No Return.

According to a 3rd tale, US Army soldiers, operating on the Ledo Road, had been despatched to have a look at the lake and were given trapped via way of means of the undergrowth and perished seeking to escape. A fourth tale says this “is the ‘lake of no return’ (because) chickening out British troops in 1942 were misplaced in quicksand.

Adding fable to legend, one writer claims he has encountered the call on a report written by way of means of certainly considered one among the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, which he claims nevertheless hides out withinside the area.

Lake of no return

The lake nevertheless keeps its popularity; the Indian newspaper The Telegraph reported, in a tale at the feasible reopening of the Ledo Road in 2007, that “nearby [Pansaung] is the Lake of No Return — the local Bermuda Triangle. According to folklore, planes that fly over the lake in no way return.”[8] The lake’s recognition is marketed in hopes of creating the region extra appealing to tourists: “Who knows, the ‘Indian’ Bermuda Triangle would possibly simply become the subsequent tourist-puller of the region.”

In a recent article, Joydeep Sircar has claimed to have solved the ‘mystery’ at the back of the Lake of No Return, which he visited in 2002. According to him, not one of the legends related to the call has any foundation in fact.

Research by The Indian Times

The India Times in addition stated nearby folklore surrounding the lake. The tale is going on that once, a while ago, villagers stuck a strong massive fish on the lake, and anybody besides an old female and her granddaughter had been invited to consume it. The guardian of the lake, thus, spared the duo however drowned the whole of the village withinside the lake.

That isn’t all! The starting place tale of the lake has 3 more, as alternative similar, versions. One says that after World War II, a few Japanese infantrymen lost their way, most effective to end up on the lake, wherein they were hit with malaria and died.

Besides, a writer claimed that he noticed the call of the lake in a record authored through one of the ten misplaced tribes of Israel. He went on to mention that the tribe keeps to stay withinside the area, hidden.

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