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Shocking: Landlord discovers 19 tarantulas and 1 python left by tenant

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A landlord in Maine has arranged for the rescue of 15 tarantulas and one python left behind by a previous renter. According to the Sun Journal, animal rescuer Drew Desjardins was summoned to the Auburn apartment on Wednesday.

He discovered four of the 19 tarantulas had died, and the ball python had no water.

Desjardins said the surviving animals were well after he returned them to his home on Thursday. According to the publication, all of the rescued animals are illegal in Maine and will be moved out of the state.

There’s no news on whether the tenant is looking for a new place to live.

The presence of 19 tarantula spiders and a python has piqued people’s interest

People have been intrigued – and slightly saddened – by a Facebook post involving 19 tarantula spiders and a python. The post, which was shared on the Mr. Drew and His Animals Too page, describes how a landlord discovered the arachnids and lizard that their talent left behind before departing.

“Received a phone call from a nervous landlord today about some abandoned animals in an apartment in Auburn,” reads a section of the article The animals were also left without water, which resulted in the deaths of four spiders out of the total of 19. In Maine, keeping tarantulas as pets is unlawful, according to the article. The final sentences of the post are read by the world  “All are doing well now. Never a dull moment in my world.” 

More than 700 people have reacted to the post since it was shared. It has also received a lot of positive feedback.

“I’m sorry to hear this, but I’m glad you’re in Maine and the landlord knew to call you for assistance. Thank you a lot. “You all do such fantastic work,” one Facebook user commented. “Aww, I’m very sorry for the animals who didn’t make it, but I’m glad you were able to save them,” said another. “Thank you for saving them and caring for them so well,” said a third.

People terrified of tarantulas


Because of their huge, hairy body and legs, it gives me the chills. However, except for a painful bite, these spiders are safe to humans, and their mild venom is weaker than that of a common bee. These spiders have become popular pets among arachnophobes.

Theraphosidae is a family of spiders that includes tarantulas

Although several other members of the same infraorder (Mygalomorphae) are popularly referred to as “tarantulas” or “false tarantulas,” the term “tarantula” is mainly reserved for members of the family Theraphosidae. In the exotic pet trade, several of the more common species have grown popular. Many New World pets have urticating hairs that can cause itching, irritation to the skin, and in extreme cases, cause damage to the eyes.

Are Pythons Poisonous, Venomous, or Otherwise Dangerous to Humans?

The reticulated python, the world’s longest snake, is also a member of the Pythonidae family. The members of this family are all non-venomous…. Pythons, on the other hand, are not poisonous or venomous in any form that may damage humans. They suffocate their victim by squeezing it to death.

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