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Read to know why this “letter from a wife” is going viral

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In the post-pandemic world, working from home has become the new normal. Now, a viral letter from an employee’s wife appealing with the boss to return to work has netizens laughing out loud, with many commenting that it’s completely relatable.

When business tycoon Harsh Goenka released the letter on Twitter, he openly admitted to his followers, “I don’t know how to answer to her.”

Read the letter here:

“Dear Sir,” I said. My name is Manoj, and I am Manoj’s wife. This is a sincere request that he be allowed to work from home right now. He is double-vaccinated and will follow all Covid protocols, according to the letter. “If I continue to work from home for an extended period of time, our marriage will undoubtedly suffer our marriage and  will definitely not work anymore,” it added.

The lady reported that her husband sits in different rooms and leaves them in a mess while continually demanding food, adding that he drinks at least 10 cups of coffee every day. “I’ve even seen him doze off on business calls. I already have two children to look after,” she wrote at the end of her letter, pleading with him to help her regain her sanity.

Comments that have gone viral

Many ladies responded to the thread, stating that they had been in a similar scenario for over 18 months and understand the suffering.

Others, on the other hand, suggested amusing ideas, with several stating that they would return to work for the same reason.

“I’m not sure what to say to her…. “

“Thank goodness the cops can’t work from home.”

“Haha! This is how wfh affects your relationship.”

“This is a serious issue!” “This is true not only for married couples, but also for families.”

” Call him back, even though his living expenses would have skyrocketed and his family’s stress level would have skyrocketed.”

“Poor chap, managers are the root cause of sleepless nights and sleep drifts during meetings. The mgr, recompense mental harrassement induced by excessive caffein consumption & below average performance in domestic tasks, sponsor all-expense-paid vacations for their employees the blessed couple pic”

One person said:

“Greetings, Madam We understand your concern if he’s making a mess at home and consuming an unlimited amount of coffee at home instead of the two cups provided at work. As a result, we would enable him to stay at home. I’ll pay my debts as soon as possible.”

Another viral message: an exhausted mother writes a letter to her husband pleading for assistance. After that, it became extremely popular.

It takes a lot of emotional, physical, and spiritual energy to care for a newborn baby. New parents must devote every ounce of their being to caring for their child for the first four months (at the very least!).

During this frantic time, there’s little time for self-care, let alone a moment to be totally present with a partner.

Celeste Yvonne, a blogger and mother of a toddler and a newborn, sent a candid open letter to her husband, asking for more assistance with their children. It’s gone viral because it captures the essence of what it’s like to be a mother who feels obligated to do everything. It’s particularly significant because it outlines specific techniques for parents to assist one another.

Letter goes viral for the right reasons

“Then, as I grew older and began to educate myself on topics like feminism and how the media marginalises women by projecting a very narrow and very precise standard of beauty (slim, tall, slender), I realised how many guys had bought into that deception,” Tripp continued.

“There is nothing sexier than this woman right here,” he continued, “huge thighs, large booty, nice little side roll, etc.”

Tripp, who married the love of his life in 2014, ended with a message for men and women alike. “Reconsider what society has told you that you should want. A genuine lady isn’t a pornstar, a bikini mannequin, or a fictional character from a film. She’s the real deal. Her hips have lovely stretch scars, and her buttocks has nice little dimples.”

What about the ladies? He penned, “Never let yourself believe that you have to match a certain mould in order to be liked and accepted. There is a guy out there who will love you as much as I love my Sarah and will congratulate you for who you are.”

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