Watch: Maharashtra cop saves woman from being hit by a train

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On 11th September, a mentally challenged woman standing in the middle of a railway track at Vasai Road station in Maharashtra was saved by a vigilante cop, when a local train was fast approaching. 

The incident took place around 10 AM, and the video of saving the woman went viral on social media. The senior officials lauded him for his bravery.


IPS Quaiser Khalid shared the video on twitter with the caption, “Head Constable Naik posted at Vasai Road police station displayed exceptional presence of mind and courage in saving a lady commuter who was on the track from death. He waved to the motorman to stop the train while running and pulling out the lady. He is being rewarded”.

Where did the incident take place?

Watch the Video here:

According to a police spokesperson, the Dahanu-Andheri local train was approaching the Vasai Road railway station and the head constable Eknath Naik was on patrolling duty on platform no. 5 when he saw the woman standing on the railway tracks. Other policemen who were on a rail over-bridge also alerted Mr Naik. 

The episode

As soon as Naik saw the woman, he gave a signal to the motorman to stop the train and ran towards the woman and pulled her to the platform in time, while the train came so close to her, the official said.

Two of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) constables also ran towards the woman to help the cop. After enquiry the woman identified herself as Subadra Shinde, who is living alone in Vasai area of Palghar, the police spokesperson also added that “she was mentally challenged”.

Senior police praised Mr Naik for his bravery. The policeman told the media that he was very happy to save the life of a woman, and thanked his colleagues and the RPF constables for their help. 

Vasai police station officials have also saved a 10-year-old boy before

Vasai police station have already proved their bravery previously when they saved a 10-year-old boy. On July 21, a Railway Police constable saved a 10-year-old boy who fell on the railway tracks at Vasai Road station. The boy, slipped and fell into the gap between the platform and the tracks

As the train stopped, constable A S Thanabeer ran towards the boy and pulled him up. The boy was then immediately sent to a nearby hospital.

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