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Make Sivasagar a ‘State Heritage Site’: Demands Akhil Gogoi seeking rs 100 crore for the development of the city

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Independent MLA from Sivsagar, Akhil Gogoi, has demanded the government to declare the historic city of Sivsagar a ‘State Heritage Site.’ He asked for 100 crores to develop the city where Ahom ruled for more than 600 years before the British came.

Akhil Gogoi also stated that there are 551 historical monuments or sites dating back to the Ahom kingdom scattered around Sivasagar, attracting many national and international tourists. For which he said, “Such concentration of historical monuments at one place is rare in the entire world. Sivasagar is our pride and it was included in the probable list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO in 2019.”

He asked the government to declare Sivsagar a World Heritage site within the existing rules. He also claimed that Sivsagar would indeed fit into the criteria of UNESCO as announced in 1972 to be declared as a ‘State Heritage site.’ He requested the government to invest 100 crores in Sivsagar for its development, for which he assured to contribute 1000 crore in the revenue as a fully developed city.

Bimal Bora, Cultural Affairs Minister, reacted to Akhil Gogoi’s demand by saying that Sivsagar has the potential to become not only a State Heritage Site but also a World Heritage Site. He also noted, “We have been working for the development of Sivasagar since the last BJP government came to power. The work will not be over only by declaring it as a State Heritage Site. We will have to discuss it with the people of Sivasagar.”

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