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How to make your CV stand out among thousands of others? Here’s 5 ways!

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Whether you’ve recently graduated from college or university or are just starting your job search, making your CV stand out is critical if you want to get invited to an interview.

Here are five of our best recommendations for making your CV stand out:

1. Pay close attention to what you say in your personal statement

Because the first thing an employer sees when they open your CV is your personal statement, getting it properly is critical if you want them to continue reading.

make your CV stand out

Begin with a summary of your qualifications and achievements. This will immediately pique the recruiter’s interest and capture their attention. This personal biography is a vital element of your CV because it informs the recruiter of everything they need to know about you, so you want to make a good first impression.

2. Results over responsibility

It’s simple to declare you’re exceptional at something, but can you back it up with evidence? That can be a little more difficult.

Make your CV stand out by stressing your results and using quantitative data to demonstrate your successes, rather than simply stating your previous tasks.

For example, telling an employer that you “worked on social media” doesn’t tell them much. However, stating that you “raised social media engagement by 20% through the deployment of a new approach” is a far more accurate manner of demonstrating your abilities.

3. Realise your USP

Let’s be honest Job hunting is a difficult task. that implies that for each application you submit, you could be competing against a large number of other candidates with similar qualifications.

Fortunately, your unique selling proposition or point (USP) can help you stand out. It doesn’t matter if you create your own blog, participate in extracurricular activities or charity work, or utilise social media to network with others in your profession; all of these things will help you stand out.

usp make your CV stand out The North-Eastern Chronicle

However, these qualities should be relevant to the job – and should highlight your ability to perform the job well.

Candidates with a blog dedicated to their field of expertise, for example, could highlight their commercial awareness and broad knowledge of their subject area, as well as any other remarkable accomplishments (e.g. having your work published and displayed at an event).

Include links to portfolios, blogs, and anything else that not only showcases your abilities but also makes you unique.

4. Customise CV according to the job

CV isn’t a one-size-fits-all document. When it comes to impressing an employer, submitting the same one every time isn’t going to help you.

Tailor your CV to the position you’re looking for, based on the job description, business information, and any other information you find from industry research.

making cv make your CV stand out The North-Eastern Chronicle

Remember that a CV is all about effectively selling yourself by emphasising your skills and experience. The employer won’t be able to observe how you match up if the ones you list aren’t relevant.

Sure, it can take a bit more time, but it’s better to send off five carefully targeted CVs, than submit hundreds that don’t adequately represent your suitability.

5. Don’t overlook the basics

If you don’t get the basics correct, your CV won’t stand out. In addition to the aforementioned aspects, writing a clear, concise, and to-the-point CV is critical (no more than two pages). Always read your CV attentively before submitting it to ensure typical spelling issues or typos aren’t holding you back.

Finally, to brush off, you must make sure that your CV is well-organized, with your personal information, personal statement, professional experience, accomplishments, education, and hobbies listed in a logical manner.

And good luck with your next job interview!

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