Monday, October 18, 2021

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Watch: Man assists cute puppies with swimming training; Netizens show love

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Who doesn’t enjoy seeing footage of adorable puppies? If you enjoy dogs as much as we do, here’s a great Sunday treat from @hopkinsBRFC21 on Twitter. A video showing many puppies learning to swim from a guy leaked on the internet earlier today, and we’re sure you’ll find it impossible to stop watching it since it’s so cute!

A man stood in a swimming pool while six puppies took turns swimming, as seen in the video. While the pups enjoyed swimming in the pool, the father kept an eye on them and prevented them from straying to the other side.

Watch the Video here:

Comments and reaction on social media

With over 8,000 views thus far, the video has gone viral, with social media users gushing over the moment in the comments area of the post. In the background, a woman could be heard cheering the puppies, saying, “Yay, excellent job.” The caption for the photo reads, “The prettiest swimming lesson ever.” “I really like them,” one user said. “Adorable!” says another comment.

Another adorable video: A dog interacts with butterflies in a viral video

On social media, a video of a dog playing with butterflies has gone insanely viral. It was shared on the Buitengebieden Twitter account. The video has been seen over one million times. Everyone was amused by the dog’s wonderful footage.

A dog is seen getting a toy to play with as it comes across two colourful butterflies in the 14-second footage. On the dog’s nose, one of the butterflies can be seen. The dog does not attempt to chase it away, instead allowing it to sit. The butterfly eventually flies away, yet it continues to look up in awe.

This video of a dog and butterflies has gone viral on the internet. “What a sweetheart. The ball remained still, while the butterflies moved. It’s no surprise they were more intriguing (sic) “a comment was made. “What a joyful, lovely scene! The planet is a lovely, tranquil place (sic) “another person commented.

Isn’t it true that dogs are just so adorable? A video of two ladies working out with their canine companion has gone viral on social media. Buitengebieden tweeted the 10-second footage, which has been seen over 70,000 times so far. Burpees were performed by the two girls, who were dressed in athleisure and encouraged their dog to imitate them. They told their furry companion to “jump and roll.” What’s more, guess what? This was also done by the dog.

The caption of the post reads, “Workout pals are the best.” The short video received a lot of likes and retweets, and social media users commented with their ideas and opinions. “This is insanely good,” one person exclaimed. A different comment reads, “Cutest thing ever”! “Thank-You Sandar for this one, actually another wonderful video. Loved it”

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